Water treatment ozone generator

Water treatment ozone generator

Product Details

  Large ozone generatorFeatures:

(1) The front-facing design, the three-dimensional style, the combination of beauty and practicality.

(2) The device has brake universal wheels, which can be moved anytime and anywhere, and can also be fixed and more humane.

(3) The ozone discharge tube itself is equipped with a heat sink, which has more efficient heat dissipation and more stable performance. At the same time, the cap material is made of high-quality PTFE, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance, and oxidation resistance.

(4) The circuit board is designed with ozone concentration adjustment, which can adjust the size of ozone according to the needs of use, which is more conducive to use in different environments.

(5) The device is equipped with a microcomputer time controller, which can set the working time according to the week, time and customer's needs, one-time setting, easy and convenient.

(6) With oxygen generator, the ozone concentration is higher and more powerful.

Application range:

1. Space disinfection in food processing and other places.

2. Cosmetic processing and packaging workshop. Sterilization and sterilization of aquatic products in aseptic rooms.

3. Sterilize the surface of frozen and cured food.

4. Appearance disinfection of production equipment and tools.