Ozone generator for domestic wastewater treatment

Ozone generator for domestic wastewater treatment

Product Details

Product technology of high concentration ozone generator:

① Stainless steel shell: plate: wall thickness 0.8mm; national standard 1.0mm; stainless steel bracket is used for the inner plate, and there are no welding spots and screw holes on the surface to ensure a clean surface and a symmetrical process.

② Electric fan: Choose Taiwan's double ball mute electric fan, no oil, and can operate for a long time.

③Time relay, reaches the function of starting up and counting down to shut down.

⑦ Ozone generator screws: All screws use 304 stainless steel screws to ensure that they will not rust during use.

④ Mesh cover: The fan mesh cover adopts 304 stainless steel mesh cover to ensure that it will not rust during use.

⑤ Power cord: All copper power cord, receiving power up to 2200w. Length: 1.5 meters.

⑥ Timekeeping device: The whole series use microcomputer time controller, which can accurately punctually turn on/off at a certain time period; according to customer needs, it can also be installed. Unit: ceramic tube ozone generator unit, with stable frequency Medium attenuation is slow, the power supply is stable, and the service life is long.

⑧ The air compressor is imported from Guangshun.

⑨ Active drying system: 10g/h can be equipped with an active drying system according to customer needs.