Industrial wastewater treatment ozone generator

Industrial wastewater treatment ozone generator

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Impact of sewage decolorization ozone generator on personnel

a. People with sensitive sense of smell can detect it at 0.01ppm, ordinary people can smell it at 0.02ppm, and people with slow sense of smell can feel it at 0.1 ppm. This concentration is completely harmless to personnel and makes people feel fresh. Generally, it can reach 0.1ppm in forest areas and 0.05ppm by seaside. In some cities, when the sun is full in summer, the concentration can reach 0.03-0.1ppm. According to the "Industrial Hygiene Regulations" formulated by the Ministry of Health in 1979, the safety standard of ozone is 0.15 ppm. American regulations stipulate that personnel can work for 8 hours at a concentration of 0.1 ppm. Regulations of the International Ozone Association. Large-scale ozone generators use ozone in professional indoor rooms, and promise to work for 10 hours at a concentration of 0.1ppm.

b. The concentration that causes a certain reaction of personnel is 0.5-1ppm, and the touch time is promised within 1.5 hours. After a long time, you will feel discomfort such as dry mouth.

c. The concentration of 1-4ppm will cause people to cough, and it is agreed that the touch time is 1 hour.

d. If the concentration is 4-10ppm, it will cause a strong cough, and the time to touch is 20 minutes.

Theoretical research divides the concentration of ozone touch by personnel and the relationship between time and time into several areas, such as asymptomatic affected area, symptomatic area, and temporary hazard area. The research on the asymptomatic area is mature, the symptomatic area and the temporary hazard area are less studied, and the hazard area is only theoretical deduction. The asymptomatic zone is the place where people leave the presence of ozone and return to the natural environment, the reaction that occurred will quickly disappear without harm.