4S shop special car disinfection machine

4S shop special car disinfection machine

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Product parameters of car disinfection machine:

The effect of car disinfection machine

The ozonozone auto disinfection function can quickly remove the pollutants emitted by the car itself, including the pollutants discharged through the exhaust pipe, fuel evaporation and other channels. The pollutants include nitrogen oxides, microorganisms, benzene, etc.

The ozonozone car disinfection function can effectively and quickly eliminate many bacteria and harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene in the vehicle compartment. Being in this environment for a long time can simply cause dizziness, disgust, sneezing, and even more serious diseases. For example, when the air conditioner is turned on and the windows are closed, many people will feel dizzy, tired, depressed and irritable, which not only harms the health of drivers and passengers, but also endangers the safety of passersby. The entire disinfection process of the ozone car disinfection machine is highly efficient. ,low cost.

Features of Chuanju ozone car disinfection machine

1. Using digital control interface, simple operation.

2. With counting function, it is convenient for users to query the number of machine operations in the current month/quarter/year.

3. The appearance is exquisite, and the top rotating warning light reminds the user of the normal operation of the machine.

4. Humanized planning, the bottom is equipped with non-slip pulleys with locks for easy movement.

The principle of the ozone car disinfection machine: The car disinfection machine uses ozone and negative ions to disinfect. Ozone mainly disinfects and sterilizes the car, and negative ions mainly purify the air in the car and remove odors.

Ozone car generator can generate ozone, ozone eliminates odors (smoke, sweat, odor), dust, pollen, dander, ozone can also kill planktonic molds, viruses, planktonic bacteria, mites, etc., ozone can oxidize benzene , Toluene, xylene, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides in automobile exhaust.

The strong oxidizing properties of ozone can damage the structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in a short period of time, making them lose their viability. When the ozone concentration exceeds a certain value, disinfection and sterilization can even be completed instantly, and as far as the time of sterilization is concerned, it is extremely quick, which is 300-600 times that of chlorine and 3000 times that of ultraviolet rays. Ozone will not damage the car interior and other parts, nor will it generate water vapor. After disinfection, it will automatically decompose into oxygen without peculiar smell and residue. Because it does not contain chemical raw materials, it is also harmless to the human body and has no impact on the environment. .

ozoneCar disinfection machineThe generated negative ions can effectively improve the air quality in the car. The main place of use of the Ozone Auto Sterilizer. Chuanju ozone car disinfection machine is suitable for various car beauty (cleaning) care shops, car supplies sales companies, taxi companies in various regions, passenger transport service companies, bus companies and other units for daily car disinfection and deodorization of various vehicles , Sterilization, mildew removal, cleaning and maintenance purposes. The automobile disinfection and purification integrated machine can also be used for daily sterilization and disinfection in station waiting halls, computer rooms, warehouses and guest rooms of hotels and guesthouses to eliminate formaldehyde, toluene, gasoline, smoke, sweat, mold and other odors, while reaching the purified air The effect of.