Multifunctional ozone disinfection machine

Multifunctional ozone disinfection machine

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Parameters of integrated box type ozone generator:

Features of integrated ozone generator

1. The ozone generator is a box-type integrated machine, which installs the air source, air source filtration system, ozone discharge chamber, power control board, and other accessories in a box;

2. The ozone generating tube is 304 stainless steel,High concentration ozone water machineThe high-temperature resistant quartz tube with uniform wall thickness is used as the discharge medium, and the entire discharge chamber adopts full-sealing technology, which is stable and reliable in operation and safe and not easily damaged.

3. The power supply unit (PSU) is the core technology of this series of models, including two major processes: frequency conversion and boost, with automatic soft-start function, strong load capacity and multiple protection functions, high efficiency and stability;

The main purpose of the integrated ozone generator: suitable for space sterilization in food processing workshops, packaging workshops, storage rooms, warehouses, etc., sterilization and disinfection of production equipment and utensils, sterilization and disinfection of dressing rooms, air purification of pharmaceutical vehicles, Sterilization of aquatic products, freezing, canned food, pickled food, etc.

Precautions for the use of ozone generators: high-concentration ozone, short-term contact, harmless to humans, long-term exposure to high-concentration ozone, there will be a certain amount of damage to the oral mucosa. In the use process, when the concentration is too high, it is not recommended to stay for a long time, and do ventilation treatment after disinfection.