Food factory space ozone machine

Food factory space ozone machine

Product Details

Food factory ozone machine use: Mainly used in food factory GMP workshop, food company QS certification, processing workshop HACCP, industry with HVAC system, use HAVC system for regular disinfection, sterilization and purification of clean areas, multi-system environment. According to customer requirements, we can provide equipment that meets the requirements of 300,000, 100,000, 10,000, and 100 cleanliness.

Provide different design schemes according to different plant environment:

1. Workshops with a space of less than 200m can be directly invested with an ozone generator;

2. Workshops with a space of more than 200 cubic meters can lay pipelines and put them in;

3. For those with HVAC clean workshop air-conditioning system, you can choose the corresponding type to add according to the designed air volume (for detailed adding method, please contact our professional customer service staff).

Advantages of using ozone machine in food factory:

1. The sterilization technology of the ozone generator is not only suitable for foods with poor heat conduction and foods that are easily degraded due to heating, but also for foods such as vegetable juice, broth, refreshing drinks and coffee beverages such as plastic and glass packaging materials , It can reach the intention of sterilization in a short time and prevent secondary pollution.

2. The ozone sterilizer has many advantages that are not available in traditional sterilization methods such as pasteurization and chemical sterilization, and is widely used in the fields of food, medicine, and chemicals.

3. Ozone has strong killing power to microorganisms. It kills by directly destroying its RNA and DNA.

4. Air raw materials are used, so the cost of sterilization is very low. It is decomposed into oxygen after sterilization, so there is no residue after sterilization.