Industrial wastewater treatment ozone generator

Industrial wastewater treatment ozone generator

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Introduction to the use of ozone generators in industrial wastewater treatment:

1. Ozone is harmful to the human body. Our country stipulates that the allowable concentration in the atmosphere is 0.2mg/m3, so if leakage is found during use, the operation should be stopped immediately and repaired.

2. Ozone is a strong oxidant. The higher the solubility, the more harmful it will be to the touched items. You should pay more attention when using it.

3. Pay attention to the factors that affect the sterilization effect of ozone during use to prevent affecting its function.

4. In the ozone production process, prevent the electrode from being wet and cause a circuit break.

The development of industrial wastewater treatment ozone generators has brought great convenience to wastewater treatment. The combination of ozone technology and other wastewater treatment processes can effectively remove stubborn pollutants in wastewater and reduce the difficulty of wastewater treatment. At present, ozone technology has become an indispensable part of the sewage treatment process. This skill has been praised by many users and has a high sales volume in the sewage treatment market.

  Large ozone disinfection machineAdvantages: long working life, long working life, large corona area, low temperature, greatly improving ozone concentration.