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Guangzhou Chuanju Ozone Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating science, industry and trade, mainly engaged inSmall ozone machineScientific seminars, ozone equipment design and manufacturing,Large ozone machineUsing engineering scheme design and engineering equipment, debugging, work and maintenance, it is a leading enterprise in ozone work in China. The company has a municipal engineering technology research center and a municipal enterprise technology center, 8 patents, 2 software copyrights, and it is the first in China to master the level of 10kg/h or moreLarge ozone generatorManufacturing technology companies.

Quanju Ozone Technology has the courage to innovate, pioneering and enterprising. It has a well-known first-line brand "Quanju QJ", with various standard ozone equipment work performance, excellent product quality, standardized ozone equipment production line, and perfect service has been recognized by many domestic and foreign merchants. Chuju Ozone focuses on the development of ozone system manufacturing and use technology, transforms traditional industries with advanced technology, and makes due contributions to economic development and environmental protection work of blue sky and white clouds!