Medical wastewater decolorization ozone generator

Medical wastewater decolorization ozone generator

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Introduction to the medical wastewater dosing system of the ozonizer

1. Product parameters:

2. Hospital wastewater discharge requirements:

1. The discharge of wastewater from epidemic and tuberculosis medical institutions shall comply with the regulations in Table 1.

2. The wastewater discharge of inductive medical institutions and other medical institutions at or above the county level or with 20 beds or above shall comply with the requirements in Table 2. Wastewater discharged directly or directly into surface water bodies and seas shall comply with discharge regulations, and wastewater discharged into the sewers of secondary wastewater treatment plants in normal operation of the terminal shall fulfill pretreatment regulations.

3. Waste water from general medical institutions below the county level or below 20 beds and all other medical institutions can be discharged after disinfection.

4. Inductive medical institutions with epidemic wards should separate the wastewater from epidemic wards and non-epidemic wards. The wastewater and feces in the epidemic room can be combined with other wastewater for treatment after disinfection.

3. The role of ozone in water treatment

The principle of ozone disinfection is that ozone undergoes an oxidative recovery reaction in water to produce monoatomic oxygen (O) and hydroxyl (OH), which can be extremely oxidized, and instantly differentiate organic substances, bacteria and microorganisms in the water. Hydroxyl (OH) is a strong oxidant and catalyst, which can cause chain reactions of organic matter and the reaction is very rapid. Hydroxyl (OH) has a strong killing effect on various pathogenic microorganisms. Monoatomic oxygen (O) also has strong oxidizing ability, and has strong lethality to tenacious microorganisms such as viruses and spores.

4. Overview of disinfection in water quality treatment

Fives. Configuration and introduction of ozone water treatment system

1. System composition and dosing

The ozone system is mainly composed of oxygen generator, ozone generator, gas supply system (oil-free air compressor), control system, gas filtration system, and circulating cooling system. It produces high concentration ozone and water to achieve a good effect. Ozone water.

2. Features of QJ Ozone Generator:

2.1, high output, low power consumption

2.2. Circuit maintenance function, overvoltage maintenance, overcurrent maintenance

2.3. The discharge tube is designed with quartz: long life and withstand voltage of 20,000 volts

2.4. The oxygen production system has high oxygen concentration and high pressure, which is a unique patented product

2.5. The amount of ozone produced can be adjusted within the range of 10-percent.

2.6. The discharge unit adopts water cooling, and the cooling water temperature is below 30℃.

2.7.Ozone generatorOzone generator composition, independent gas pipeline and flow control, independent circuit module and circuit control, independent ozone generating tube.

3. Equipment usage and working conditions (omitted)