Function and application range of ozone generator
- 2020-12-10-

1. Product function of ozone generator

1. The ozone gas produced by the ozone generator has strong oxidation and catalysis. As viruses and bacteria are affected by various free radicals in the ozone gas, proteins are dissociated and denatured, and the activities of nucleic acids and enzymes are reduced, thus having the effects of disinfection, sterilization and deodorization.

2. It is scientifically proven that ozone disinfection belongs to broad-spectrum sterilization, with few dead spots, and strong killing effect on various bacteria and viruses.

3. Ozone and formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, xylene and other toxic and harmful gases undergo complex physical and chemical reactions such as degradation and oxidation. The by-products are non-toxic and harmless and can avoid secondary pollution caused by chemical disinfection.

2. Adaptation range of ozone generator:

1. Public places: indoor disinfection and air purification of archives management, libraries, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, entertainment venues, toilets, enterprises, institutions and families, which can disinfect archives, books, documents, tools and other supplies bacteria.

2. Hospitals and pharmaceutical factories: disinfection and sterilization of changing rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, wards, preparation rooms, surgical instruments, isolation gowns, sterile workshops and other places. It is an effective helper for pharmaceutical factories, health food factories and hospitals to carry out GMP standard certification and air disinfection and purification.

3. Food and beverage industry: Disinfection and sterilization of workshops, sterile rooms, changing rooms, warehouses, and production equipment is a powerful guarantee for HACCP standard production, air purification and sterilization in food factories;

4. Warehouse: grain, eggs, Chinese herbal medicine, fruits, vegetables, meat products, aquatic products, etc. Disinfect, preserve and keep the air fresh.

5. In other industries, all indoor air needs to be disinfected and sterilized. Ozone disinfection and sterilization machine can be used to eliminate odor and mildew.