What is the role of ozone generators in the catering industry?
- 2020-12-02-

In the catering industry, disinfection has always been a major problem that plagues catering hygiene. Many restaurants choose chlorine preparations to disinfect tableware and kitchens, but chlorine preparations can have great side effects. Western Europe and other countries prohibit the use of chlorine preparations, and my country also has great restrictions on the use of chlorine preparations. The ozone disinfection method in the catering industry is flexible, low-cost, effective, and has no side effects. Its use is to use an ozone generator to generate ozone to disinfect tableware.

1. Ozone disinfection method:

1. Clean and soak with ozone water;

2. Sterilize with ozone gas.

2. Advantages of ozone disinfection

1. Not only tableware can be disinfected, but also other disinfection equipment and methods (disinfection ability of catering establishments and kitchen equipment) can degrade pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables and harmful hormones contained in meat products to avoid food poisoning.

(1) Ozone gas can directly disinfect kitchens, restaurants, kitchen utensils, refrigerators, vegetable racks, farms, storage rooms, or use ozone water to clean and disinfect;

(2) Ozone gas or ozone water can be used for the disinfection of high temperature resistant tableware such as plastics and colored porcelain products.

(3) Washing vegetables with ozone water can degrade pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables and harmful hormones in meat products.

2. The ozone disinfection time is short and the operation is simple. No need to clean after disinfection. Disinfect 100 tableware (for 8-10 people):

(1) The routine procedure is about 140 minutes, the process is as follows: Decontamination (15 minutes)-Poisoning (90 minutes)-Cleaning (15 minutes)-Disinfection in the disinfection cabinet (20 minutes)-Use

(2) If it is disinfected with ozone gas, it usually only takes 38 minutes. The process is as follows: decontamination (15 minutes)-cleaning (15 minutes)-disinfection and soaking (8 minutes)-use

(3) Ozone water disinfection only takes 30 minutes. The process is as follows: decontamination (15 minutes)-cleaning and disinfection soaking (15 minutes)-use

3. Ozone disinfection has no harmful residues and no secondary pollution.

After ozone disinfection, it is decomposed into oxygen, no peculiar smell, no pollution, comprehensive disinfection and good effect.

4. Low disinfection cost of ozone generator.

Ozone disinfection mainly uses air as raw material, and its power consumption is much lower than that of disinfection cabinets. After ozone disinfection, the tableware can be used directly without drying.