Analysis of factors affecting the disinfection effect of ozone generator
- 2020-11-25-

You must do a good job of hygiene in your life so that you can get less sick. In the past, food disinfection used ultraviolet rays, but the effect was not very good, and there were some dead spots. But now it is disinfected with an ozone generator, there are no dead ends, so people are more at ease. So now ozone generators are also very popular and are used in many industries. However, sometimes the disinfection of the ozone generator will be weakened. This requires everyone to pay attention. So what factors will affect the disinfection effect of the ozone generator?

1. Ozone dosage

Space disinfection means that if the dosage of ozone does not reach the specified value, then the ozone concentration in the space does not meet the required specification, and the disinfection effect will be affected. When calculating the amount of ozone to be added, it is necessary to consider the ozone loss during transportation and leakage of doors and windows. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the selected ozone generator can reach the planned ozone output value.

2. The uniformity of ozone

In the disinfection space, it is necessary to ensure that all the ozone concentration can reach the disinfection specification, otherwise the disinfection effect is still very poor. For this reason, when planning a disinfection plan, it is necessary to carefully consider factors such as workshop structure, ozone dosing methods, and ozone generator functions. The ozone generator must have the ability to transport ozone at long intervals. The air source ozone generator should be used for space disinfection. If the workshop has a fresh air system, of course it is better. You can connect the ozone generator to the air outlet; if there is no fresh air system, you can Choose the method of laying the pipeline, but the dosage of ozone is slightly larger than the standard dosage.

3. Time for ozone disinfection

Although the disinfection and sterilization effect of ozone is completed in an instant, the concentration of ozone in the space requires a certain amount of time to accumulate. If the disinfection time is not effective, the disinfection effect will also be affected. It is generally required that the ozone generator is shut down within half an hour to one hour, and the doors and windows still need to be sealed.

4. Function of ozone generator

If the function of the ozone generator is poor, after a certain period of time, the output value of ozone will be reduced sharply, then the disinfection effect will not be guaranteed. The core components of the ozone generator are the ozone discharge body and the special power supply. Therefore, when purchasing, a reliable ozone generator manufacturer should be selected, and the matching of the ozone discharge body and the power supply should be considered. It is better that the manufacturer develops and produces it by itself.

5. Other

The ambient temperature, humidity, degree of sealing, and air cleanliness in the space all affect the disinfection effect of ozone. The ambient temperature of the ozone generator should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, the humidity is preferably between 60%-80%, and the air is filtered to purify the space.