Precautions for the use of ozone generator
- 2020-11-11-

The ozone generator is a very advanced product, but there is still the possibility of danger due to improper use, poor maintenance, and material replacement. The sources of danger are: oxygen, ozone, mechanical wire, electricity and air pressure, among which oxygen and ozone are easy to cause danger.

However, when ozone is used as a raw material gas, due to its ability to support combustion and accelerate combustion (especially when the air content is& gt; 25% by volume), if the ventilation is not good, the internal or external pipeline of the equipment leaks, or the oxygen is opened The system can cause the oxygen concentration to rise to dangerous levels. Increased oxygen concentration increases the risk of fire. For this reason, open flames are particularly prohibited, oil cloths are not allowed, and equipment in contact with oxygen should not be in contact with oil and butter.

Ozone is a toxic and corrosive gas, it can intensify combustion, is heavier than air and oxygen (can accumulate on the ground, in narrow channels), pungent and unstable. The following is the human body response to ozone at various concentrations.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide special training for the use and maintenance personnel; restrict other personnel from entering the "ozone area" and hang warning signs; provide adequate ventilation to indicate escape routes; emergency stop can be achieved in the event of danger; appropriate onsite Inhale the living room; conduct environmental monitoring on all places where ozone may be present.

The following summarizes the precautions for the use of the ozone generator, I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. The ozone generator installer must go through technical training before it can be started for maintenance;

2. When using an ozone machine to sterilize, it is strictly forbidden for staff to work in a high-concentration ozone environment;

3. Keep in mind that when the equipment is maintained or repaired, the power supply is cut off and the ozone is vented, which can ensure the safe maintenance of personnel;

4. If there is any abnormality, please cut off the power immediately or notify a professional person for maintenance;

5. Qualified dedicated grounding wire, safe and reliable grounding, prohibit installation in hazardous areas where ammonia gas is easy to leak or explosion hazard;

6. The operating personnel should be aware of the application method of the ozone generator in the technological process and be able to operate the disinfection equipment proficiently;

7. If ozone leakage occurs, it is necessary to turn off the ozone generator at the first time, and turn on the ventilation equipment for ventilation treatment, immediately exit the space used by the ozone generator, and enter the space after the residual ozone drops to a safe range