Precautions for installation of small ozone generator
- 2020-11-18-

Ozone generator is a device used to produce ozone gas (O3). Ozone is easy to differentiate and cannot be stored. It needs to be prepared and used on site (short-term storage can be carried out under special circumstances), so ozone generators must be used in all places where ozone can be used. Ozone generators are widely used in drinking water, sewage, industrial oxidation, food processing and preservation, medical synthesis, and space sterilization. The ozone gas generated by the ozone generator can be used directly, or can participate in the reaction through mixing equipment and liquid.

Installation Precautions:

1. Install the equipment in a dry and wide place to facilitate heat dissipation and protection;

2. Ensure that the electricity, gas, and water inlet and outlet pipelines are connected correctly;

3. The capacity of the line used meets the requirements to ensure that the risk of fire is eliminated;

4. High pressure risk, do not flush the equipment with water;

5. Cannot be placed near the substation;

6. Keep away from high voltage lines;

7. The ground should not be wet;

8. There should be a certain space (≥300mm) around the equipment.

Instructions for use:

1. The installer of the small ozone generator must pass technical training to start the repair;

2. When using an ozone machine for sterilization, prevent workers from going to work and working in a high-concentration ozone environment;

3. Keep in mind that when the equipment is maintained or repaired, the power supply is cut off and the ozone is frustrated, which can ensure the safety of the personnel to repair;

4. If there is any abnormality, please cut off the power immediately or tell a professional person for maintenance;

5. Qualified dedicated grounding wire, safe and reliable grounding, to prevent installation in the risk area where ammonia gas is easy to leak or there is a risk of explosion;

6. The operating personnel should be aware of the use of the ozone generator in the process and be able to operate the disinfection equipment skillfully;

7. If ozone leakage occurs, it is necessary to close the ozone generator at the first time, and open the ventilation equipment for ventilation treatment, immediately exit the space used by the ozone generator, and enter after the residual ozone in the space drops to a safe range.

The ozone generator uses the principle of high-voltage discharge to convert oxygen into ozone. That is, high-voltage alternating current is applied to high-voltage electrodes with an insulator and a certain gap in the middle, so that the passing dry purified air or oxygen can pass. When the high-voltage alternating current reaches 10-15KV, a blue glow discharge occurs, and the free high-energy ions in the corona dissociate O2 molecules and polymerize into O3 molecules by collision. The output and concentration of ozone vary with the applied power supply voltage and current.