How to use water treatment ozone generator?
- 2020-12-14-

The water treatment ozone generator is really powerful and versatile. It not only plays an important role in drinking water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, and industrial wastewater treatment, but also can be used for feeding water treatment.

The ozonation treatment of feeding water is extremely beneficial to the growth of fish, shrimp, and crabs, and has economic benefits. Obviously, it has been widely used in Europe and America. Feeding water is rich in organic matter, and the water quality is prone to problems. The transmission of bacteria, viruses, fish and shrimps is also rampant. In recent years, many shrimp ponds in the coastal area have been completely abandoned and many are abandoned.

In the treatment of feeding water, ozone can not only sterilize and suppress virus infection and transmission of fish and shrimp, but also differentiate organic matter, remove COD and BOD substances, and because of its coagulation effect, it is a good way to improve water quality. . In recent years, water quality has been seriously polluted. The polluted water has caused diseases and a large number of deaths to fish. Ozone can kill NH3, SO2 and red tide toxins.

Hazardous substances, this shows how important ozone technology is to the promotion of the breeding industry.

According to foreign reports, using ozone to treat the rearing water can increase the production of fish in fish ponds by more than 30%, and increase the production of prawn ponds by more than 60%. The comparison test on fish, shrimp and crab fry has increased the survival rate by more than 90%. Ozone is generally harmful to virus bacteria water. The ozone injection concentration reaches 0.5-1.2mg/L to kill all bacteria in the water. If it is used as a preventive effect, 0.5-0.7mg/L is sufficient.

Friends in the breeding industry, if you have not used a water treatment ozone generator for breeding water treatment, you may wish to test and use it. The water treatment ozone generator will give you an unexpected surprise.