How to choose the right ozone generator for swimming pool?
- 2020-10-27-

Now more and more swimming pools, whether it is a hotel swimming pool or a commercial swimming pool, as well as aquariums, and water parks, have begun to use ozone generators for water sterilization and disinfection. The sterilization effect is good, and there is no secondary pollution. But now there are many ozone generator manufacturers, how should I choose the right ozone generator for my swimming pool? The following editor will introduce to you.

As we all know, the oxidizing power of ozone is 7 times that of chlorine, and its bactericidal power is 3000 times that of chlorine. For example, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, etc., can be oxidized after treatment with ozone. The use of ozone disinfection will not affect the pH value of the water, and its disinfection ability and efficacy will not be affected by the pH value of the water, and the ozone-sterilized swimming pool water will appear clear and bright blue, which is quite pleasing to the eye and has purification. The role of air.

The ozone generator uses advanced physical oxygen production principles. Through the pressure swing adsorption of the oxygen tower, oxygen and nitrogen in the air are directly separated under normal temperature and pressure to obtain high-purity oxygen; then the corona discharge method is used to obtain ozone. , Under normal pressure, the oxygen-containing gas generates corona discharge under the action of alternating high-voltage electric field to generate ozone; after mixing water and ozone through the gas-liquid mixing system, a certain concentration of ozone water is obtained. The instability of ozone makes it difficult to achieve bottled storage. Generally, ozone generators can only be used for on-site production.

Ozone has been used in swimming pool and bath water treatment for nearly 70 years. Since 1984, all Olympic pools have been disinfected with ozone because of its advantages:

1. Ozone and its secondary products have strong bactericidal and virus inactivation effects, which can effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases;

2. Ozone is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly green fungicide, which will not cause secondary pollution to the environment;

3. The chlorine evaporating from the water contains organic compounds and toxic gases such as chlorine, which can damage the human respiratory organs. It can be avoided by using an ozone generator to disinfect.

4. If chlorination is used for disinfection, it will seriously corrode the water treatment system and the equipment in the hall, which will not happen to the ozone generator.

5. After adding chlorine preparations, it will inevitably cause the pH of the water to change, making people feel uncomfortable, but ozone is a neutral substance and will not cause such problems.

6. Ozone can ensure the stability of water quality in high passenger flow and high temperature seasons;

7. The use of ozone generators can greatly reduce the maintenance and operation difficulty of the water treatment process, and at the same time have high safety.