What is the difference in disinfection methods of mobile ozone generators
- 2020-10-11-

Ozone disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection are two of our common disinfection methods. There are certain similarities between the two, but there are also certain differences. Let us take a look.

1. The same point: ozone disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection are both used to disinfect space and water resources, to help the human body reduce harmful gases and enhance the body's immune function.

2. Differences:

1) Ultraviolet rays are a natural anti-virus tool. The natural high temperature can assist in removing enzymes and bacteria, but it is not suitable for applications in cold and cold spaces. The application range is too narrow and not convenient for daily needs.

2) Ozone disinfection has a wide range of applications, not only in food, drinking water, space, home and many other aspects. The recyclable use of ozone is also more energy-saving and environmentally friendly for our current society. While our body is useful and healthy, it is increasingly playing a role in disease prevention.

When we use a mobile ozone generator in our daily use, the understanding of the disinfection time has a great influence on the disinfection effect. So how long is the proper time for the ozone machine to start disinfection and what factors are related to it?

1. The size of the disinfection area;

2. The degree of turbidity of the air in the space;

3. The heat dissipation of the mobile ozone generator; (the surface temperature of the ozone plate is higher than 50 degrees, the ozone will be decomposed into oxygen, and the ozone concentration will decrease)

4. The ozone concentration of the ozone generator is generally in a specific area. The greater the ozone concentration, the shorter the startup time. If the concentration of the ozone disinfector is too low, the area of ​​the disinfection area will be large, and the disinfection effect will not meet the requirements. standard.

The mobile ozone generator adopts circulating air treatment technology to draw indoor polluted air from the bottom to the inside of the machine, use oxygen in the air to ionize to generate ozone gas, and diffuse the ozone into the workshop, and use ozone to destroy microorganisms in the indoor air. Arrangement so that it loses its ability to regenerate, so it serves the purpose of sterilization.