What are the advantages and disadvantages of household oxygen generators?
- 2020-09-24-

Homeoxygen machineThe advantages are as follows:

It can make people full of energy: the operation of the brain is closely related to oxygen. Nowadays, many white-collar workers are highly mental workers, so they often have some symptoms of hypoxia, such as insomnia, dizziness, forgetfulness, Such symptoms, and oxygen therapy can effectively improve these symptoms.

Preventing the occurrence of diseases: Today, the slow disease in our country is showing a blowout situation, so why this situation occurs, mainly due to the impact of the living environment, and the influence of daily life habits, while hypoxia is "all diseases" The source of oxygen can be said to be the foundation of the human body. The three high levels of the elderly and respiratory diseases are largely due to the problem of lack of oxygen in the body. Using a household oxygen generator for oxygen therapy can prevent the lack of oxygen. Slow disease of oxygen development.

Makes people more beautiful: some women have dull skin, no color, and dull skin. The reason is that the body cells are in a state of hypoxia. They are all squeezed together, like uninflated balloons. If you insist on oxygen therapy, you can Effectively improve skin dullness and pigmentation problems.

The disadvantages of household oxygen generators are as follows:

Exaggerating the effectiveness: Now, some businesses say that the effectiveness of household oxygen concentrators is overwhelming. It is three high, and it can be cured by oxygen concentrators, and cancer can be cured by oxygen concentrators? This is not nonsense. Home oxygen concentrators do have obvious auxiliary treatment effects for these diseases, but it is necessary to mention the treatment. If you read my article, if someone is sick and believes in home oxygen concentrators for treatment, I will tell you, hurry up. Treat it in the hospital. The home oxygen generator can only be used for daily oxygen therapy, and only has an auxiliary treatment effect for some diseases caused by hypoxia.

Oxygen supplementation poisoning: Have you heard that supplementation of oxygen can cause poisoning? Some people only know that the more oxygen supplements the better, but if one supplements more, you can go to the hospital directly, and you can’t get more supplements. As some people have introduced you to make up for five or six hours a day, I will tell you that if you use a household oxygen generator to make up like this, it will probably be sent for cremation.