What are the environmental requirements of small ozone generators
- 2020-10-19-

The small-scale ozone generator is made of stainless steel, so many users do not need to pay attention to the technical problems of environmental oxidation of the equipment. The reason for using stainless steel is that ozone is more oxidizing than chlorine, and chlorine is more oxidizing than oxygen. If a small ozone generator of conventional materials is used, it will be oxidized in a short time. Therefore, the stainless steel of the ozone generator is not used to deal with the oxidation of the social working and living environment, but to improve the oxidation caused by the development of ozone itself. Moisture and dust resistance are an important factor in the oxidizing working environment.

Humid air is fatal to metal and electronic data originals. During the operation of the ozone generator, a large amount of air flows, so the wet damage is "invisible amplification" many times. Therefore, the speed of the oxidized ozone generator has increased many times. Some users have given feedback as to why the internal control of the ozone generator requires a large amount of stagnant water, which has a great influence on working in a humid environment for a long time, and may even be directly causal. Because air or oxygen, in humid air, reduce the proportion of ionized oxygen, the ozone generator that affects the ozone generation rate cannot be separated from the breakdown voltage and current. The same dust in the air, in the process of long-term work and development, it is easy to learn to accumulate to the ozone generating tube, cooling fan and other places. Seriously affect the work of the ozone generator. Although the ozone generator is a drying device and an air purification device, the ozone generator during operation, traces of dust and moisture, can be installed in a large amount of air in a short period of time.

Therefore, when the small ozone generator is working, it is necessary to ensure that it is in a dry environment, while the air source is kept clean, which greatly improves the service life of the ozone generator and the working efficiency of the ozone generator.

Daily inspection and maintenance of small ozone generator:

If the ozone generator is equipped with an air switch, check whether the air switch can be used normally before use. If the ozone generator is used, water cooling can be used, and the cooling water should be checked before work. In addition, before the start-up, whether there is any damage to the design of the technical circuit, and whether the ozone output pipeline system is dropped or damaged. The recommended days contained in the ozone generator option must be tested in a conspicuous place to test within 1 day.