How does the large-scale ozone machine reduce the cost of disinfection?
- 2020-08-27-

Ozone is a broad-spectrum sterilization and disinfectant recognized by the world society. Using air or oxygen as raw materials, ozone is discharged through high frequency and high voltage. Ozone has more active oxygen atoms than oxygen molecules. Its chemical structure is particularly active. It is a strong oxidant and can quickly and effectively kill bacteria in the ambient air under a certain mass concentration. There are no toxic residues and no secondary pollution. It is called "cleaning oxidizer and disinfectant".

In any industry, we are related to expenses and hope to control costs within an effective range. Large-scale ozone generators have a wide range of applications in the disinfection industry due to their own advantages, and we can reduce disinfection costs. Many people don't believe it, so today, Guangzhou Chuanju Ozone Technology Co., Ltd. will explain to you how large-scale ozone machines can reduce disinfection costs.

We can know that ozone is easy to decompose and cannot be stored and cannot be stored. This main disadvantage makes it necessary to prepare and use on-site ozone when we need to use it. Therefore, a large ozone machine must be used at this time. Large ozone generator is a device used to generate ozone gas (O3). Used to produce ozone gas.

Everyone knows the disinfection effect of hydrogen peroxide, but it is also more significant in the area of ​​ozone disinfection and sterilization. This is because ozone technology has extremely strong oxidizing properties.

Why can reduce costs? Because the raw material of ozone is very sufficient, we can achieve any place at any time, as long as there is air, we can extract ozone by ourselves. Air quality is the direct raw material of ozone and raw material processing technology costs almost nothing.

Another reason for the low cost is that the operation is simple and convenient. As long as you are familiar with the equipment, the operation process, and set the working parameters in advance, it is enough, which greatly reduces the labor cost.