Application areas of mobile ozone generators
- 2020-08-21-

The mobile ozone generator is also very simple to use. When a microcomputer control system or a double-delay ozone generator can be used, the working environment parameters can be set and managed without personnel on duty, which can reduce labor costs. The source of raw materials and ozone is sufficient, and air can be used directly as raw materials, and raw materials and raw materials processing almost do not need to spend money. It not only has the effects of ozone disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, decolorization, etc., but also changes the respiration of plants, plant cells, detoxification, differentiation of organic impurities and humanization and environmental protection "active", so many beneficial activation states.

Soaking raw meat, broilers, frozen fish, and frozen shrimp with ozone water can kill harmful bacteria that can be carried in the process of slaughter, transportation and development, and degrade the biological growth hormones and hormones that are continuously absorbed in the process of feeding and management that are harmful to human health. By removing the fishy odor, you can eat chicken, fish, meat, and eggs that are safe and reliable, and the taste becomes more delicious.

Soaking vegetables and fruits with ozone water, from the outside to the inside, to kill bacteria, viruses, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, plant activation cell degradation, let you eat natural flavors, nutritious fruits and vegetables, rest assured to eat more, pesticides Residues can be removed more than 95%, nutrient loss, and stored for a long time.

Application areas of mobile ozone generators include:

1. During the processing of aquatic products--before the design of frozen packaging, sterilization by increasing ozone spray. Control the hygienic indicators of aquatic products to avoid excessive residual chlorine caused by the use of chloride and other disinfection equipment.

2. Food factories and pharmaceutical factories need to sterilize the surface where the raw materials are sprayed and form the surface of the sterile material. For example, some fruits can be sterilized after data cleaning, and then can be made into concentrated juice.

3. It can be widely used for disinfection of hotels, canteens, tableware, fruits and vegetables; disinfection and children's toys, surface of objects.

4. In the production and development process of beverage, mineral water, fruit juice and food processing products, ozone can be used for soaking and washing through pipelines, production technology equipment and containers, so as to achieve sterilization. The bacteria and viruses on the surfaces of pipes, equipment and containers are cleaned and killed. This is very simple and easy to do. It will neither produce dead ends nor avoid the discharge and residue of harmful substances caused by the use of other chemical disinfectants. Will cause any secondary pollution to ozone.