Car disinfection machine manufacturers tell you the main source of pollution in the car
- 2020-02-20-

The car disinfection machine manufacturer tells you that the main sources of pollution in the car come from the following points:

1. Pollution of interior decoration materials: The floor glue, leather covers, chemical fiber fabrics used in the interior of the car, and cheap adhesives used in decoration projects all contain organic vapors such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ethanol, argon, etc. All have appropriate carcinogenicity. If the human body inhales this substance for a long time and overdose, it will cause various diseases and even death.

2. Pollution of inhalable particulate matter: The culprit of air pollution in the car is actually extremely tiny inhalable particles. The diameter of inhalable particles is less than 10 microns, all holes are invisible, and they cannot be identified by the naked eye. It is necessary to detect them with instruments. Most of the inhalable particles in the car come from pollution outside the car, such as chimneys, car exhaust, etc. Therefore, simple window ventilation cannot be solved. Many car owners now know little about the effects of inhalable particles on the respiratory system. After being inhaled by the human body, inhalable particulate matter can simply cause a variety of diseases. Large-diameter particulate matter can damage the respiratory system and induce asthma; fine particulate matter may induce heart disease, lung disease, etc., and reduce lung function.

3. In-vehicle air pollution caused by incineration: carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide generated by engine burning. The smell of gasoline and the complex smell formed by long-term smoking.

4. Air pollution in the car caused by the use of air conditioners: The air inlet and outlet of the air conditioner are usually places where bacteria and germs multiply and breed. When the air conditioner is turned on, these germs will be carried to the entire compartment, and the human body itself will produce new pollution. The human body moves in the vehicle and can discharge a large amount of pollutants through the respiratory tract, skin, and glands. Contaminants form air pollution. The compartment is a confined space, and the air pollution is much more severe than outside the car. With the advancing of the times, people spend more and more time in the car, and cars have gradually become necessary for people's daily travel. Not used for a long timeCar disinfection machineDisinfection, and staying in these poisonous compartments that have not been disinfected, people often experience dizziness, disgust, sneezing, poor sleep, loss of appetite, reduction of white blood cells, suppression of irritability, etc. Severe people can develop aplastic anemia or cause leukemia , Does not threaten the health of drivers and passengers, but also endangers the safety of passersby.