What is a car sterilizer? what's the effect
- 2020-02-21-

With the progress of the times, cars have become a common means of transportation in our lives. It is undeniable that cars have brought us great convenience. However, the progress of the age is far more than that. People are now more concerned about the health of themselves and their loved ones than they are fast. During the long-term use of cars, there will always be several dead spots in the closed space that hide microorganisms that damage people’s health. Normal cleaning is powerless. At this time, this kind of problem can be easily solved with a high-temperature steaming car disinfection machine. So what kind of disinfection method is this high-temperature steaming car disinfection machine? What are the pros and cons?

In fact, steaming car disinfection machine is still a more traditional way to clean car air. The first thing you need to do is to clean the vehicle with a general detergent. Wipe it with a maintenance agent or dry cleaning care. Clean the compartment, carpet, foot pads, and seat cover. Then spray detergent and fungicides in the car, and use high-temperature steam afterwards. disinfect. The fungicides contain enzymes that can differentiate odor sources, which can eliminate odors and bacterial growth.

A professional car steamer sterilizer can ensure the elimination of microorganisms that are invisible to the naked eye, effectively maintain the cleanliness of the air in the car, create an outstanding car environment, and protect the health of your family and yourself. This kind of disinfection method is called "high temperature sauna" in the industry because of its operation method. In essence, the high temperature steam causes the knitwear fiber arrangement and leather arrangement in the car to expand when exposed to heat, thereby removing foreign bodies and adding a fungicide together. Let the reagent vaporize, and can play a complete disinfection effect.

After steaming the car disinfection machine, the most obvious feeling is that the environment inside the car is much better. Not only the dirt in the corners is removed, but even the peculiar smell that has always troubled you disappears under the action of the long-term high-temperature steam. Now, this can be clearly felt. Therefore, the steamer car sterilizer has unique advantages such as safety, environmental protection, no radiation, strong penetrating power, fast conduction, and no dead ends.

However, this kind of disinfection method is rare now, and the reason is very simple. The structure of the car is more messy than before, and the high temperature steam may have some negative effects on the electronic system in the car, so it is not used much now. .