Applicable people of oxygen generator
- 2019-12-18-

Applicable people:


The current situation of education in our country leads to greater pressure on students. Long-term study and thinking are the main reasons for students’ learning pressure. These are all prone to slowly hypoxia, often showing nausea, dizziness, insomnia, and emotional insecurity. At this moment , Safe and reasonable oxygen supplement is necessary!

Oxygen is the foundation for maintaining a good memory function in the brain. During high-intensity study, the brain load increases, and oxygen consumption also increases sharply. When brain cells do not get satisfactory oxygen, the memory becomes narrower and thinner, and the memory capacity also decreases.

This will directly affect the candidates' learning ability and examination ability, and will further increase the degree of psychological anxiety, and then constitute a vicious circle. Nourishment can quickly restore blood oxygen concentration, enhance brain oxygen supply, and improve memory and thinking ability. So that brain function can be quickly recovered and improved. Oxygen is the basic life energy source for brain cells.


As the old age increases, the body's resistance is also decreasing, and various functions can no longer absorb enough oxygen for the body to absorb and apply, and the oxygen-carrying capacity decreases! Especially after human beings enter old age, the physiological functions of the human body are degraded, forming various tissues, especially the lack of blood supply and oxygen supply of the brain, heart, lungs, etc., prolonged hypoxia can cause various old age diseases, and then lead to the body Hypoxia, not treated in time will constitute a long period of slow hypoxia! And often we have many high-risk diseases that are caused by slow hypoxia!

Regular oxygen inhalation at home can prevent the onset of later years of disease, and can delay aging. Hu Xiao can eliminate symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, syncope, and impetuousness, and can play an emergency role in the onset of heart pain, cerebral thrombosis and stroke.

Little white-collar

If you are a white-collar worker, do you sometimes have dizziness, chest tightness, or suddenly stand up and feel gold stars in your eyes. Or suddenly the eyes are dark, insomnia, memory loss, lack of energy for homework! If you have these symptoms, you should consider supplementing oxygen!

The white-collar workers are in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, the doors and windows are locked, the air is muddy, the indoor oxygen content is lacking, the oxygen deficiency is serious, and the day is irregular, the mental work is heavy, the pressure is too high, and the normal body clock is lacking, which constitutes the body's various organs. Imbalance. Hypoxia is the same as in old age. If it constitutes a long period of slow hypoxia, it will accelerate the ageing! Proper oxygen supplementation is very important for white-collar workers. It can improve work efficiency and energy status and relieve work pressure.

Pregnant mother

According to the survey, the main reason for the fetus's death in the abdomen, premature death and child mental retardation or neonatal infection is hypoxia. The pregnant mother can add oxygen to the mother’s blood oxygen level, so that the fetus can get more oxygen. It is more conducive to the health of the mother and the growth of the fetus; the hospital has equipment that can detect fetal hypoxia, but because the pregnant mother is at home, the doctor can not find it in time, so when it is discovered, the better oxygen supplement period may be missed! Pay special attention to the fetus Multiple fetal movements in a short period of time, or no fetal movement for a long time, may be caused by hypoxia. Regular oxygen inhalation can prevent such occurrences.

Special patient

The sick people are one of the people who need more oxygen, especially those with cardiopulmonary diseases! Equipment can be used for adjuvant treatment to speed up the improvement of the disease! Oxygen inhalation can block the further development of the disease and improve the immunity of the body and the respiratory tract. And relieve the symptoms of shortness of breath, improve energy status, increase mobility, and improve the quality of life; patients with mild arteriosclerosis, liver and lung dysfunction or coronary heart disease, stroke, regular oxygen intake can reduce the frequency of disease for a long time Persisting in oxygen therapy has a very important effect on the complete recovery of the disease.