What are the uses of the high concentration ozone machine?
- 2020-02-13-

High-concentration ozone water machine used in clean vegetable processing: According to the test, using a general household ozone machine to aerate in the water, the ozone water concentration that can be achieved is 0.2 ~ 0.3mg/L, under this concentration ozone basically has no effect on various pesticide . The test of French Buescher et al. showed that for organophosphorus pesticides that are easy to remove, the ozone concentration must reach 5-10mg/L for 10-15 minutes to achieve satisfactory removal, while for organochlorine pesticides, it can be removed under water with 20mg/L ozone. Only 15 points are 50% removed. However, soaking in ozone water with a concentration exceeding 1 to 2 mg/l will bleach fruits and vegetables and seriously destroy nutrients. Ozone oxidation alone cannot achieve the effect of removing pesticides. Using foreign advanced oxidation technology, through the process of catalyzed ozonation, free radicals with strong oxidizing ability are formed in the water to strengthen the differentiation of the remaining pesticides, which improves the oxidizing ability and reaction speed. At the same time, the ozone water concentration does not need to be high and will not damage fruits and vegetables. Nutrients.

High concentration ozone machine use:

1. Cleaning and disinfection of packaging bottles and processing equipment for various food and beverage companies, biological companies, etc.

2. Mineral water, purified water, sterile water, tap water, wine bottle washing, sterilization and disinfection;

3. Disinfection of the water provided by each production enterprise; public canteens such as campuses, troops, institutions, factories, etc. sterilize vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken feet bleaching, and chicken feet sterilization.

4. The aquaculture farm sterilizes the breeding water to prevent and treat aquatic diseases; strengthen sterilization, disinfection, oxidation, sterilization and decolorization in sewage treatment and garbage treatment;

5. Use ozone water to sterilize and disinfect swimming pools, warehouses, and community water supplies. Sterilize agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits to reduce pesticide residues;

6. Water disinfection and purification in swimming pools, family small swimming pools, hot spring pools, etc.;

7. Packaging disinfection, environmental disinfection, air purification, chemical composition, material modification, etc. People are hygienic and clean, bedding, clothes are washed and disinfected.