Installation and use of ozone machine drinking water disinfection system
- 2019-10-09-

  Ozone machineThe drinking water disinfection system is used for the disinfection of livestock and poultry drinking water-namely water disinfection:

1. Installation of drinking water disinfection system:

(1) Before installation, check the basic conditions of drinking water in the pens, such as whether the water supply from a water tower or tap water is used, whether automatic drinking water facilities are used, etc. And add a 500-1000 kg water tower (bucket) to the original drinking water pipeline, and it should be at the height of the barn to ensure sufficient water pressure. And install the original water pipe on the water tower (bucket).

(2) Fix the machine very close to the water tower (bucket).

(3) Connect one end of the gas-conveying silicone tube to the air outlet of the machine, and the other end to the steam-water mixer, and place it at 3/4 of the water tower (bucket).

(4) The gas transmission silicone tube must be 15 cm higher than the water tower (bucket) to prevent overflowing water from flowing into the machine and causing damage to the machine.

(5) Ensure the capacity and height of the water tower (bucket) to ensure the water pressure at the far end of the water pipe.

(6) Adjustment of working hours: Approximately, water under 1000 kg can be disinfected every 15 minutes of work, working at least 2-3 times a day. The working time and frequency can also be adjusted according to the actual situation.

2. Use of drinking water disinfection system

(1) Because active oxygen is unstable in water, after differentiation, hydroxyl group 0H and monoatomic oxygen O, which have strong oxidizing ability, will be generated, which can effectively:

A) Kill all bacteria, viruses, spores, spores, algae, fungi, microbes, yeasts and other water microorganisms in the water.

B) The metal and mineral deposits in the water are removed by simple filtration, and then the accumulation of harmful metals and minerals in the water is prevented, the water pipeline is kept clean, and the cost and time of cleaning and protection are reduced.

C) Destroy some chemical compounds in the water, such as pesticides, hydrogen sulfide, and by-products of harmful disinfectants. Differentiate impurities such as organic pesticides and detergents in the water.

D) Active oxygen is reduced to oxygen after its effect in the water, and then the oxygen content in the water is increased. So there is no harm to human healthy cells. Therefore, Active Oxygen is the ideal water disinfectant and purifier.