Features and functions of mobile ozone generator
- 2019-11-13-

The mobile ozone generator uses circulating air processing technology to draw indoor polluted air from the bottom to the inside of the machine, use oxygen in the air to ionize to generate ozone gas, and diffuse the ozone into the workshop, using ozone to damage the microorganisms in the indoor air Arrangement so that it loses its ability to regenerate, so it serves the purpose of sterilization.

Features of mobile ozone generator

1. The ozone generator has four moving wheels that can be moved at will, and the upper part of the chassis pushes and pulls the armrest, which is convenient to use;

2. With regular disinfection function, complete unattended operation;

3. The ozone output value is large, the concentration is high, and the energy consumption is low. The ozone output value can be installed according to the demand. The disinfection and sterilization speed is fast, no residue and secondary pollution occur, and it can quickly penetrate and diffuse, and there is no dead corner in disinfection and sterilization;

4. Humanized appearance design, with timing control and active circuit short circuit protection functions, long service life, stable ozone generation, and rapid sterilization and purification of different rooms;

Function of mobile ozone generator

1. Sterilization: Ozone can kill all pathogenic microorganisms such as bacterial propagules, spores, fungi and viruses, and can express an ideal disinfection and sterilization effect on indoor air and outside objects;

2. Removal of peculiar smell: Ozone has excellent peculiar smell removal performance. It can quickly oxidize and decompose organic or inorganic substances generated by odor, oil fume, dust and other peculiar smells, and play a role in fresh air;

3. Anti-mold and fresh-keeping: Ozone has a strong ability to kill and inhibit mold, and at the same time can absorb the ethylene gas discharged from the breath of fruits and vegetables, and has excellent anti-mold and fresh-keeping effects on food, fruits and vegetables;

4. Reducing oxygen: Add indoor oxygen concentration to promote the activation of human cells, improve blood circulation and metabolism, and prevent diseases.