What are the characteristics of the small ozone disinfection machine used in hospitals?
- 2019-10-14-

Controlling nosocomial infections is an important indicator of current hospital management. How to avoid infections in hospital wards is the unshirkable responsibility of medical workers. An important reason for the high rate of nosocomial infections is the incomplete disinfection of bed cloths (that is, mattresses, beddings, bed cloths, pillow cores, etc.). For a long time, hospitals have treated beds, mattresses, beddings, bed cloths, and pillow cores. The conventional disinfection method used ultraviolet radiation or high-pressure steam disinfection, this method can only achieve the effect of superficial disinfection, and can not completely effectively kill the bacteria hidden in the deep layer of the mattress, bedding, bedcloth, and pillow.

This small-sized ozone disinfection machine for bed cloth provides an economical and efficient disinfection equipment that can kill various germs in the bed and the air for the hospital to control the infection in the hospital and cut off the path of infection. Product features:

1. The ozone gas produced by this product has strong oxidation and catalysis effects. Viruses and bacteria in the ozone gas are affected by a variety of free radicals, which dissociate and denature proteins, reduce the activity of nucleic acids and enzymes, and thus have disinfection, Sterilization and deodorization effect.

2. Ozone is a broad-spectrum sterilization and has a strong killing effect on all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

3. This sterilizer has high ozone concentration, stable gas production and long service life

4. There is no residue of any poisonous substance, and no impact on the surrounding environment. The disinfection time can be set according to the needs, and the operation is simple, convenient, safe and reliable.

5. In addition to sterilizing the bed cloth, it can also be used to sterilize the clothes of the operating room staff, as well as the high-concentration large-scale ozone generator to sterilize the air.

6. The series ozone air disinfection machine has a punctual function and can be unattended.

7. It can be moved, easy to use, and can be sterilized and purified in different rooms.

8. Easy operation and strong practicability.

Scope of application: Mattresses, beddings, blankets, pillow cores, bed cloths and other units in hospitals and hotels. It is also suitable for air sterilization in public places such as laboratories, offices and conference rooms. It is also suitable for air sterilization and disinfection in public places such as laboratories, offices and conference rooms.