Internal structure of high concentration ozone water machine
- 2019-08-07-

  High concentration ozone water machineMainly include: oxygen generation system, ozone generation system, high-efficiency ozone mixing system, water and gas separation system, intelligent control system, flow and pressure regulation system, etc.

◆The ozone-specific oxygen generator in the oxygen generation system uses advanced physical oxygen generation principles. After the pressure swing adsorption effect of the oxygen generation tower, the oxygen and nitrogen in the air are directly separated under normal temperature and pressure, and a high temperature of more than 90% is obtained. Purity oxygen.

◆The high-efficiency ozone generator in the ozone generation system uses the corona discharge method to obtain ozone, and the corona discharge of the oxygen-containing gas under the effect of the alternating high-voltage electric field under normal pressure generates high concentration ozone.

◆The mixing pump in the high-efficiency ozone mixing system makes the water and ozone mixed to obtain a high-concentration ozone water-gas mixture. Then the ozone water and ozone tail gas are separated by the water-gas separation system. Ozone water can be used directly. The ozone tail gas is discharged into the outdoor through the tail gas discharge hole or destroyed and eliminated by the ozone destroyer.

◆The intelligent control system is divided into two parts: automatic control and manual control. The automatic control can make the equipment automatically turn on and off following the main equipment or set the time in the time control system to automatically turn on or off the equipment at the specified time. The manual control operation is simple, and the built-in time control system enables the equipment to operate stably for a long time with only two buttons on and off.

With leakage protection, automatic operation. It can output 10-15mg/L high-concentration ozone disinfection water by connecting the tap or water tank. The concentration of ozone water generated by Chuanju brand equipment is high. It can output 20ppm high-concentration ozone water, which can be directly used as a disinfectant. High output: 10-20ppm high-concentration ozone water can be produced per hour 200-1000L.