The importance of PSA oxygen generator in the industrial industry
- 2019-08-15-

With the continuous acceleration of the industrialization process, the market for PSA oxygen generators needs to continue to improve, and this equipment plays an important role in the industrial industry. The PSA oxygen generator uses zeolite molecular sieve as the adsorbent, and uses the principle of pressure adsorption and decompression desorption to suck and release oxygen from the air, thereby separating oxygen. The separation effect of zeolite molecular sieve on O2 and N2 is based on the slight difference in the dynamic diameter of the two gases. N2 molecules have a faster dispersion rate in the micropores of the zeolite molecular sieve, and O2 molecules have a slower dispersion rate.

1. Regarding the use of oxygen generators in the field of oxygen-enriched combustion

The oxygen content in the air is ≤21%. The combustion of fuel in industrial boilers and industrial kilns is also performed under such air content. Practice indicates that when the gas oxygen content of the boiler combustion reaches more than 25%, the energy saving can be as high as 20%; the heating time of the boiler is shortened by 1/2-2/3. The oxygen enrichment uses physical methods to collect the oxygen in the air so that the oxygen enrichment content in the collected gas is 25%-30%.

2. Regarding the use of oxygen generators in the field of papermaking

With the upgrading of my country's environmental protection requirements for papermaking processes, the requirements for white pulp (including wood pulp, reed pulp, and bamboo pulp) are also increasing. The original chlorine bleached pulp production line should be gradually transformed into a chlorine-free bleached pulp production line; The new pulp production line requires the use of a chlorine-free bleaching process, and pulp bleaching does not require high-purity oxygen. The oxygen produced by the pressure swing adsorption oxygen generator meets the requirements, which is economical and environmentally friendly.

3. Regarding the use of oxygen concentrators in the field of colored exercise

With the adjustment of my country's industrial structure, the non-ferrous metal industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Many manufacturers have begun to use pressure swing adsorption oxygen generators in the process flow of oxygen bottom blowing lead, copper, zinc, and antimony smelting and oxygen leaching gold and nickel smelting exercise plants. The use market of PSA oxygen generator has been expanded.

The quality of molecular sieve used in PSA oxygen generator occupies a major position. Molecular sieve is the core of pressure swing adsorption. The optimal function of molecular sieve and the length of service life have a direct impact on the stability of yield and purity.