Brief introduction to the use and characteristics of high concentration ozone water machine
- 2019-07-30-

Use of high concentration ozone water machine

◆Cleaning and disinfection of packaging bottles and processing equipment for food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

◆Sterilization of mineral water, purified water, medical water, tap water, etc.; disinfection of water provided by each manufacturer;

◆Public cafeterias such as campuses, military units, institutions, factories, etc. sterilize vegetables, fruits, meat, etc.

◆The aquaculture farm sterilizes the breeding water to prevent and control aquatic diseases;

◆Strengthen sterilization, disinfection, oxidation, sterilization and decolorization in sewage treatment and garbage treatment;

◆Sterilization and disinfection of water in swimming pools, hot spring pools, warehouses, and community water supply.

◆ Sterilize agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits to reduce pesticide residues;

◆Package disinfection, environmental disinfection, air purification

Features of high concentration ozone water machine

◆The ozone generation system uses *patent ceramic ozone generation elements, the inner electrode is 316L stainless steel, the medium is high-purity ceramics, and the head is made of PTFE mechanical seal, which has strong oxidation resistance, high pressure resistance, high ozone concentration and stable output , Long life span;

◆Intelligent automatic control system completes the integration of ozone generation system, oxygen generation system, cooling system and control system, making the equipment easier to operate and more stable;

◆The application of 1GBT inverter high frequency power supply can effectively increase the power of ozone generation, high efficiency and energy saving, and stable operation in succession;

◆Modular design is adopted for the generating unit, and the single-point unit has high power and convenient protection;

◆The ozone system has bipolar effective cooling, built-in air-cooling, internal circulation water-cooling system, and high stability of ozone generation;

◆PSA oxygen production system provides high-quality oxygen with an oxygen purity of more than 90% for the ozone generator to improve the concentration and purity of ozone;

◆The internal waterway pipes are made of sanitary 316L stainless steel pipe fittings, which are resistant to pressure and corrosion;

◆Special high-efficiency gas-liquid mixing pump for ozone makes the ozone utilization rate as high as 80%;

◆Built-in ozone water gas separation system to ensure that the residual concentration of ozone water outlet meets my country's standards;

◆Stainless steel shell, easy to scrub, sanitary and anticorrosive. Ozone resistant. The surface is corroded and printed, beautiful and durable.

◆Small size, low noise, stable output.