Talking about the characteristics of the built-in oxygen generation system of the high concentration ozone water machine
- 2019-07-24-

Features of the internal central system of the high-concentration ozone water machine, built-in oxygen system features:

◆ .Corrosion resistance, suitable for ozone environment. Compared with general oxygen generators and medical oxygen generators, many ozone-resistant materials are selected, which can be used for a long time in an ozone environment.

◆. Humidity resistant, suitable for humid environment. Compared with general oxygen generators, a three-stage dehumidification method is selected. Including * level cryogenic active drainage, second-level dehumidification molecular sieve, third-level oxygen generation molecular sieve dehumidification. The first two stages of dehumidification protect the oxygen molecular sieve and prolong the life of the oxygen molecular sieve, which is suitable for humid water treatment environments.

◆ .Low temperature rise, suitable for continuous and stable operation. Using air cryogenic technology and deep heat dissipation technology, the temperature rise of the equipment is compared with traditional oxygen generators, and the environmental temperature rise of traditional oxygen generators is greatly reduced from 15-20℃ to 3-5℃.

◆ .Built-in oil-free compressor, free of protection. The protection-free oil-free compressor is used inside the oxygen generator. No need to protect often.

◆ With air as the material, the cost of oxygen production is low. The oxygen generator uses air as the material, and uses physical methods to produce oxygen, without daily consumption of materials. The cost of oxygen production is basically the electricity bill and the timing protection fee. Compared with the oxygen cylinder, the oxygen cost is very low.

◆ High oxygen concentration, no impurities and moisture: the oxygen concentration can reach more than 90%. The oxygen generator has a built-in filter material to filter impurities and moisture in the air.

The high-concentration high-concentration ozone water machine uses air and water as raw materials and selects a 220V power supply to produce 5-10ppm high-concentration ozone water immediately. This equipment represents the development achievements of high-concentration ozone water in our country. Built-in special ozone oxygen generator, high-efficiency ozone generator, high-efficiency ozone mixing pump, ozone active separator and concentration flow adjustment equipment.