Municipal sewage treatment ozone generator

Municipal sewage treatment ozone generator

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Municipal sewage treatment ozone generator

Primary technical parameters of municipal sewage oxygen source ozone generator:

1. Characteristics of domestic sewage:

1. Pathogen pollution mainly comes from urban domestic sewage, hospital sewage, restaurant waste, airports, hotels, communities, etc.

2. Organic matter pollution The common feature of organic matter is that after these substances enter the water directly, they are decomposed into simple inorganic substances carbon dioxide and water through the biochemical effects of microorganisms.

3. Total phosphorus and ammonia nitrogen pollution

4. Stink

5. Acid, alkali, salt pollution

6. Increased groundwater hardness

2. Characteristics and effects of ozone treatment:

2.1 The sterilization speed is fast and the effect is good. Experimental results show that under the effect of 0.45mg/L ozone, poliovirus will die after 2 minutes; if it is disinfected with chlorine, it will take 3 hours when the dose is 2mg/L. Ozone can not only kill all pathogenic bacteria, fluorescent bacteria, proteobacteria, bleeding bacteria and other microorganisms quickly, but also has a very significant sterilization effect on microorganisms that are resistant to some common disinfectants. Ozone disinfection is almost unaffected by pH.

2.2 Can remove organic matter. Ozone can remove a variety of organic matter in water, especially toxic and harmful trace pollutants, and can turn non-biodegradable products into biodegradable products, greatly reducing processing costs.

2.3 It can deodorize and decolorize. Ozone can effectively remove the odor caused by a variety of algae, soil odor and mildew odor, and it is also very effective in removing the color of some colloidal substances and organic matter.

2.4 There are few residues in the water and little additional chemical pollutants occur. Ozone causes the pollutants in the water to be oxidized into gas or precipitated and removed, and it is reduced to oxygen ions and combined with volatiles or precipitates, or combined with H2O and H+, so there are few residues in the water; and There will be a smell like chlorophenol, and no by-products of chlorine disinfection such as chloroform will occur.

2.5 Ozone can be produced on-site, only electricity is needed.

2.6 Environmental protection, no residue, no secondary pollution.