Swimming pool water treatment ozone generator

Swimming pool water treatment ozone generator

Product Details

Swimming pool water treatment ozone generator

1. Product equipment and introduction

1. Technical parameters of ozone generator (omitted)

2. Design and use environmental conditions and design conditions of QJ QJ ozone generator

2.1 Air source conditions:Mobile ozone generatorMake the air source (the equipment is equipped with air supply equipment, and the air source drying filter equipment generates a dry and clean air source for the ozone generator).

2.2 Power supply conditions: 220V 50Hz

3. QJ Ozone Generator design, production and inspection specifications.

3.1 Specification for design and manufacture of ozone generator

QJ QJ series ozone generators are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the following specifications:

3.1.1. CJ/T3028.1-1994 "Ozone Generator" of the People's Republic of China Township Construction Industry Code;

3.1.2. The State Environmental Protection Administration of China determines the technical conditions for my country's environmental protection products HCRJ058-1999 "Ozone Generator";

3.2 Inspection specification for ozone generator

3.2.1. CJ/T3028.2-1994 "Measurement of Ozone Generator Ozone Concentration, Output Value, and Electricity Consumption" of the People's Republic of China Township Construction Industry Code;

4. Skill plan

Basic design data

Material gas air

Ozone production value 30~1000g/h

Ozone concentration 15~25mg/L

Unit power consumption for ozone production ≤7.8KW/KG.h

5. Overall clarification of the system

Ozone generation systems with different ozone production values ​​are supplied by air compressors, refrigerated dryers, adsorption dryers, etc. to provide dry and clean air for PSA pressure swing adsorption oxygen generators to generate high-purity oxygen, and the oxygen generates high-concentration oxygen through the ozone discharge chamber , The entire system has a complete process gas source system, stable ozone generation performance, and a wide range of high-standard services for water treatment users.

6. The characteristics and performance of QJ QJ products

◆Chuanju QJ ozone generator uses advanced corona discharge technology

◆Mechanical design optimized by Chuanju self-processing hardware supply

◆The advanced IGBT power supply unit of Quanju Electric

◆Low harmonic and no pollution

◆Ozone generator has low energy consumption characteristics

◆High ozone concentration, robust and durable

◆All series of ozone generators of QJQJ have compact structure, which can fully reduce the cost of customers.

◆Quanju QJ brand products are highly integrated, easy to use and maintain, and feature low maintenance workload

◆Discharge body

Quanju QJ ozone discharge chamber uses quartz tube discharge body, which has large ozone output value and high ozone concentration. It can exert the functions of power supply system and cooling system to a large extent. It is the key to high output value and high concentration ozone generator.