Mobile ozone disinfection machine

Mobile ozone disinfection machine

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Mobile ozone disinfection machine parameters:

Mobile ozone generator use:

1. Hospital disinfection and purification: operating room, supply room, preparation room, ward, treatment room, outpatient room, injection room, toilet, medical equipment and supplies, etc.;

2. Disinfection and purification of food factories: workshops, warehouses, packaging material rooms, buffer rooms, changing rooms, laboratories, work clothes, production equipment, etc.;

3. Disinfection and purification of pharmaceutical factories (biological products factories): sterile workshops, warehouses, buffer rooms, changing rooms, laboratories, work clothes, etc.;

4. Disinfection and purification of breeding industry: indoor chicken farms, animal breeding factories, sterile inoculation, cultivation, etc.;

5. Disinfection and purification of public places: cinemas, hotels, restaurants, entertainment halls, hair salons, beauty shops, karaoke halls, etc.;

6. Disinfection and purification of other spaces: all walks of life can use ozone disinfection and sterilization machine for all indoor air needs disinfection and sterilization, elimination of peculiar smell, mold prevention and freshness;

7. Special sterile environment disinfection and purification: ultra-clean studio, animal breeding farm, sterile inoculation, etc.

Features of mobile ozone generator:

1. Add wheels and armrests to facilitate customers' movement, flexible use, and convenient for sterilization and purification of different rooms.

2. The mobile ozone generator is made of 201 or 304 stainless steel housing, which is beautiful and durable.

3. Built-in electromagnetic air pump, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving to reduce the influence of noise.

4. High-energy heat dissipation system, long service life of ozone generator.

5. Quanju QJ mobile ozone generator warranty and anti-counterfeiting mark.