Landscape water treatment ozone generator

Landscape water treatment ozone generator

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Scenery water treatment ozone generator

Features of QJ Ozone Generator:

1. Quanju QJ ozone generator uses high-efficiency discharge medium to generate high-voltage electric field, which has a good effect;

2. Optimized mechanical structure design for the supply of hardware from Quanju;

3. IGBT power supply unit, professional development team;

4. Low harmonic and no pollution;

5. The ozone generator has low energy consumption, with an average energy consumption ≤7.8KW/KG.H;

6. High ozone concentration, robust and economical use;

7. The structure of the ozone generator is compact and reasonable, which fully reduces the cost of customer installation;

8. Quanju QJ brand products are highly integrated, convenient to use and protect, and feature low protection workload;

9. Discharge body, QJ Ozone Discharge Chamber uses quartz tube discharge body. The discharge body has large ozone output value and high ozone concentration, which can exert the functions of power supply system and cooling system to a large extent, which is a large output value.High concentration ozone water machineThe key.

Scenery water treatment ozone treatment use:

1. Ozone treatment of indoor scene water such as artificial aquariums and aquariums;

2. Ozone treatment of natural or artificial fountains, fake mountain and elephant water;

Ozone treatment of sight water:

Natural waterscapes or artificial waterscapes are all open-air surface water scenes, the water body lacks fluidity, self-purification ability is very poor, and it is very easy to be polluted. The scene water body does not flow for a long time, and the bottom water body simply presents severe hypoxia, which greatly suppresses the activity of aerobic microorganisms, forming a large number of anaerobic microorganisms that multiply and produce harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, and ammonia, which in turn poison the fish stocked in water , The produced iron sulfide simply makes the water body black, showing the situation that the water body is black and smelly.

After being treated by the ozone generator, it can effectively sterilize and disinfect, eliminate the growth of harmful microorganisms, reduce algae regeneration, ozone removes harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, and ammonia, and purifies and treats pollutants and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus in the water body. It can greatly enhance the immunity and self-purification ability of the water body. The water circulation after cleaning and disinfection is clear and transparent, without peculiar smell, no residual impurities, and promotes the growth of fish. The use of QJ QJ ozone generator to treat scene water has the characteristics of convenient installation, easy use of products, and simple after-sales.