Points to note when sterilizing mobile ozone generators
- 2020-08-17-

The purpose of applying ozone in the food processing industry has four aspects:

One is to inactivate microorganisms-sterilization;

The second is to oxidize and decompose organic or inorganic polluted gases-deodorization and purification;

The third is to decompose the metabolites of fruits and vegetables and inhibit the ripening process-keeping fresh;

The fourth is to degrade pesticide residues in foods such as fruits, vegetables and so on.

The application basis of the four aspects all depend on the strong oxidizing properties of ozone and its unstable and easily decomposable characteristics. Specifically, it can be applied in the food processing industry and in the food and fruit preservation industry.

Precautions during ozone sterilization

1. It is forbidden for students to use it in an environment where there are conductive gases or explosive media, becauseMobile ozone generatorGenerally, a high-frequency and high-voltage power supply can be used for power supply.

2. When the mobile ozone generator in the mobile device is operated under high temperature and high oil content of chlorine dioxide or impurity gas environment, the equipment is easy to be polluted, and the corrosion of dirt or plaque sources will affect the production volume. Should be cleaned.

3. Use environment: air humidity at a temperature of 37°C < 85%.

4. When pure oxygen source or spectroscopic analysis method or hydrolysis research method is used to generate ozone, the purity of ozone is relatively high. It will not cause harm to human health, but if there is no choice of accompanying NOx, ozone is generated in ordinary air, dielectric materials or equipment.

Ozone technology has strong oxidation treatment ability. When using it, we should pay attention to the corrosion resistance of rubber products, wood products, iron and other items. In addition, ozone stimulates the human respiratory system (it is recommended to carry out ozone sterilization under unmanned conditions). The mobile ozone generator is suitable for heights of 2.8 meters higher than 2.8 meters, or is equipped with a ventilation system, poor workshop sealing, etc. Please increase the equipment configuration or increase the number of equipment to avoid affecting the sterilization effect;

The ozone sterilization time is one hour before going to work in the morning and one hour after going to get off work in the evening, (ozone sterilization needs to be carried out without people); 40-60 minutes after the completion of ozone sterilization, personnel can enter the workshop to work.