Working Regulations of Mobile Ozone Generator
- 2020-07-25-

Mobile ozone generators can be divided into ozone generators, ozone disinfection equipment, portable ozone generators, etc. Ozone disinfection, bleaching agent, elimination of odor, decomposition of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and heavy metals.

The ozone generator is a tool to produce ozone gas. The ozone generator is a good production and life learning tool, which can effectively improve the safety and quality of my country's food, medicine, cosmetics and other health education products, and improve the level of human social health development. .

Despite the many advantages of mobile ozone generators in application, if used improperly, it will not only fail to achieve the expected effect of sterilization, but will also cause accidents to burn and explode. In order to improve the safety and effectiveness of the ozone generator, the management operation should be carried out according to the following working procedures:

1. Ozone generators typically use high-frequency, high-voltage power supplies, conductors or explosion-dangerous media in the environment, and ozone generators cannot be used. When using an ozone generator, you must work in accordance with my country's safety management and operating technical regulations.

2. If the workplace environment is poor, it will affect the use of the ozone generator. For example, impurities in a gas environment with high humidity or high oil content are likely to be contaminated with dirt or stains and appear in the ozone generator and equipment, thereby affecting the amount of ozone produced to reduce the sterilization effect of ozone. After the mobile ozone generator can be used for one year, it should be cleaned in time.

But in the process of moving the ozone generator, you should follow the rules and observe the safety-related matters. In the field of industrial enterprise product production technology, humans use the sterilization and disinfection properties of ozone more. Ozone sterilization has the advantages of fast, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and no secondary pollution.