What is the disinfection process of the large-scale ozone disinfection machine in the mushroom shed?
- 2020-06-28-

Ozone is a gas composed of three oxygen atoms and contains a light blue gas that smells of fresh grass. It is translated into "double air freshness", which is what we commonly call "fresh air".

The chemical properties of ozone in the large-scale ozone disinfection machine are extremely active. In the process of free energy, it can instantly produce strong oxidation, and then sterilize and disinfect, which can eliminate harmful gases in the space. In a closed shed to treat a high-humidity environment, ozone has a more powerful disinfection, and the chlorine is 600-1000 times, which can quickly sterilize all bacteria and viruses. So today we will introduce to you what is the disinfection process of large ozone disinfection machine in shiitake mushrooms?

During the growth and development of oyster mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms, we need to install a 20g/hour large-scale ozone disinfection machine according to 600 cubic meters, so that it can be opened for disinfection 3 to 4 times a day, and it can be disinfected for 40 minutes according to the actual operation. 1 hour.

For the employees who are going to work in the mushroom shed, in order to reduce the ozone in the shed to oxygen that is very beneficial to humans and mushroom growth, we need to turn off the large ozone disinfection machine 1 to 1.5 hours in advance. The mushroom shed in such an environment always keeps the air fresh, does not lack oxygen, and there is no residue of pesticides and insecticides, which is more effective for harmful gases in the mushroom shed. Especially in the winter greenhouse, during the fruiting period, due to the low temperature of the external environment, it does not reach the normal growth environment of a mushroom, so it needs to be heated every day. After heating, the lack of oxygen in the shed begins to occur. Therefore, There will be a series of problems such as slender or deformed mushroom legs, reduced quality of mushrooms, and low prices.

If the ventilation rate and frequency are increased every day, the temperature in the shed drops rapidly, and artificial heating is required, then this kind of management cost is high, time-consuming and labor-intensive, waste coal and electricity, and the mushroom type is difficult to ensure the integrity. Therefore, it needs to be processed by a large-scale ozone disinfection machine, and the mushroom shed is ventilated once every day at noon, so as to ensure the quality of the mushrooms and avoid other problems.

Since the ozone in the large-scale ozone disinfection machine is full of gas, there is no dead spot for disinfection, so its disinfection and sterilization effect is better. At the same time, ozone can quickly decompose at high temperatures to form oxygen, which keeps the air in the mushroom shed fresh all the time, so there will be no major problems such as secondary industrial pollution. Only when we work in this environment for a long time can the human body be truly protected, without harm to the human body, and more effectively ensure that the mushrooms can grow vigorously and achieve a strong antibacterial ability.