Advantages of water treatment ozone generator
- 2019-11-29-

Ozone has a very high sterilization power when used for drinking water disinfection, but it often requires a larger dosage of ozone and a longer touch time when using sewage to disinfect. The main reason is that there are high pollutants such as COD, NO2-N, chroma and suspended solids in the sewage. These substances will consume ozone and reduce the sterilization ability of ozone. Only when the sewage passes the necessary water before ozone disinfection Pretreatment can make ozone disinfection more economical and useful. The mass transfer effect of the touch method of ozone and sewage will also affect the dosage and disinfection of ozone.

Water treatmentOzone generatorThe advantages:

1. Ozone is a good oxidant, which can kill viruses and spores with strong chlorine resistance;

2. Ozone disinfection is less affected by the pH value and temperature of the sewage;

3. Ozone can remove pollutants such as color, smell, taste, phenol and chlorine in sewage, increase dissolved oxygen in water, and improve water quality;

4. Ozone can differentiate difficult-to-biodegradable organics and tertiary substances, and improve the biodegradability of sewage;

5. Ozone is easy to differentiate in water and will not cause secondary pollution due to residue. Water treatment ozone generator main purpose: laboratory oxidation, decolorization, deodorization test pure water, mineral water production sterilization, cold storage sterilization, medical workshop, food processing workshop sterilization, food processing equipment sterilization, dressing room sterilization, detoxification and preservation of fruits and vegetables , Food anti-mold and fresh-keeping and other functions.

(1): Product composition: water treatment ozone generator unit, ozone power supply, air pump, stainless steel housing, ammeter, Japanese 150 electric fan, ozone conditioning knob, water and sanitary switch, electronic valve.

(2) Product features: Intelligent water treatment ozone generator with titanium quartz tube structure, ultra-long life design, high ozone concentration, smaller power and volume than similar products, air cooling, and adjustable ozone volume. The common structure design makes the backwater not easy to damage the water treatment ozone generator.

(3) Product features: 1: No ozone alarm, no self-operation shutdown, return to normal after ozone.

Over-temperature alarm and shutdown for maintenance. When the temperature is below 50 degrees, it will automatically resume work and stop the alarm. The conditions are: a: The fan network is blocked, b. The ambient temperature is too high. The circuit has malfunctioned and alarmed. Cool with water. It is the air source.