What are the circuit structures of the small ozone generator?
- 2020-01-09-

The small-scale ozone generator circuit consists of a push-pull vibration circuit composed of triode VT1, VT2, inductor coil L1-13, pulse transformer T, current limiting resistor R1, charging capacitor C3, and two-way trigger diode 叨5; filter inductor coil L0, rectifier diode VD1 and filter capacitors C1 and C2 form a half-wave rectifier filter circuit. Switch on the power supply, communicate the 220V voltage and filter it by LO. After VD1 rectification, a voltage of about ten 280V will be generated at both ends of C1 and supplied to the push-pull vibration circuit. At the moment of starting, VT1 is turned on. Due to the charging effect of C3, the bidirectional trigger diode VD5 is cut off.

When the charging voltage at both ends of C3 rises to 32V, VD5 is triggered and turned on, turning VT2 on. During the VT2 conduction period, C3 gradually discharges, and VT2 is turned off. After VT1 is turned on, under the action of the pulse transformer T, a positive feedback voltage is generated on L1 and L2. This voltage is added to the base of VT1 and VT2 separately, so that VT1 and VT2 are switched on and off (that is, when VT1 is on, VT2 is cut off; when VT2 is on, VTl is cut off), the push-pull vibration circuit vibrates. After the push-pull vibration circuit works, a pulse high voltage is generated on the secondary winding L6 of the pulse transformer T, so that the ozone generator VG works, and ozone is generated.

At the same time, the light-emitting diode VD7 also lights up. Select VTl and VT2 for components and select 2SC2653 or BU406 silicon NPN high back pressure transistors. The current amplification factor β>100 is required. VDl-VD4, VD6 select 1 N4007 type rectifier diode; VD5 selects DB3 type bidirectional trigger diode.

R1 to R6 all use RJ-1/8W metal film resistors. L0 is a 5mH magnetic core inductance coil, which can be wound with 210 turns of Φ0.25mm enameled wire on the skeleton; L1 is made of Φ0.2mm single core plastic copper wire wound on the same magnetic ring, during which L1 and L2 are wound separately 3 turns, 9 turns around L3. The pulse transformer T can be reformed with a 14in (inch) black and white TV line output transformer. When reforming, the high-voltage package is used as L6. On the low-voltage package skeleton, 168 turns of Φ0.45mm enameled wire are used as L4, and Φ0.23mm enameled wire is used for 4 The turn is L5 (wound on the outermost layer). The ozone generator VG selects Z-10 or Z-15, Z-20 and other types.

Except for the ozone generator VG, all the electronic components of the small ozone generator are installed on a self-denying printed circuit board, and then packed into a plastic or wooden box of appropriate size. Open a hole on the box surface to fix the light-emitting diode VD7, and connect the ozone generating sheet VG. As long as the components are good and the wiring is correct, it can work after power on.