Application method of small ozone generator in sterilization and purification of production water
- 2019-06-17-

Small ozone generators are used in many fields and have great advantages. Food production requires a lot of clean water, which is a big expense in production costs. At present, food manufacturers have two requirements: one is the unqualified water source, such as the use of seawater instead of fresh water to process aquatic products or the pollution of tap water; the other is the reuse of processing water or extending the use time. What is the application method of the small ozone generator in the sterilization and purification of production water? Ozone treatment can fully meet these needs.

A cold storage plant is a food export company, located at the seaside of the city, processing aquatic products with seawater. Due to seawater pollution, it has a great impact on product quality. In 1994, a seawater ozone treatment station was built, and a 500g/h ozone generator was used to treat 200m3/h of seawater, with good results, as shown in Table 1.

Water sample inspection form of sea water treatment station

The factory has improved the quality of export products and has now passed ISO-9002 certification. After operating cost analysis, the total cost of ozone treatment of seawater is lower than the cost of industrial tap water.

The water used to wash vegetables or poultry will be contaminated over time, and it is unaffordable to change the water frequently. There are two options for treatment with ozone: recycling treatment or treatment in the pool can meet the requirements. Due to the relatively high investment in the water treatment ozone system, some companies are unwilling to accept it. In fact, the water cost is not high based on the life of the equipment, and the improvement of product quality is a great benefit.

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