Ozone machine manufacturers analyze the application of ozone in the preservation of fruits and vegetables for you
- 2019-05-08-

Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen and a strong oxidant; its effect of reducing pesticides and removing bacteria is 1.5 times that of chlorine, and its sterilization speed is 600-3000 times faster than chlorine. Ozone naturally decays into oxygen at room temperature, with a decay period of 15 to 25 minutes. Ozone is quickly converted into "ecological oxygen" in the water, and there is no residual problem. Ozone is an efficient and fast anti-drug sterilizing agent. It can quickly dissolve pesticide residues in a short time, so that bacteria and viruses are quickly eliminated.

Ozone not only has the effects of disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and decolorization, but also has many "positive" effects that are beneficial to humans and environmental protection, such as changing the respiratory state of plants, activating plant cells, detoxifying, and differentiating organic impurities. Ozone through the water medium can effectively reduce and eliminate pesticides, fertilizers and biological hormone residues and various pathogens and pathogenic bacteria in the diet, and reduce the damage of pollution to humans.

Soaking vegetables and fruits with ozone water can kill bacteria and viruses from outside to inside, degrade chemical fertilizers and pesticide residues, and activate plant cells, so that you can eat fruits and vegetables with natural flavor and rich nutrients. The residue can be removed more than 95%, no nutrients are lost, and the freshness is long.

Soaking broilers, raw meat, frozen fish, and frozen shrimp with ozone water can kill harmful bacteria carried during slaughter and transportation, degrade the biological hormones, antibiotics, hormones and other harmful substances absorbed in the breeding process, and can also remove The fishy smell will make you eat heart-warming chicken, fish, meat, and eggs, making it more delicious.

Ozone water can bleach the dirt on the surface of clothes and the color of dyes, sterilize and differentiate impurities, reduce water pollution, will not irritate the skin with chemical detergent residues, and prevent skin diseases and Hong Kong feet. Wash the rice with water to degrade pesticide and fertilizer residues, and then use O3 to purify the water for cooking. The cooked rice is mellow and delicious, full of nutrients. (Do not use aluminum containers) Since ozone will be reduced to oxygen and water, leaving no remaining substances, so there is no pollution to the environment. Ozone has a broad prospect of use in the removal of pesticide residues, sterilization and disinfection, antiseptic and fresh keeping due to its strong oxidation, sterilization, easy differentiation and no residue characteristics.