Industrial wastewater COD reduction treatment ozone generator

Industrial wastewater COD reduction treatment ozone generator

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As a kind of gas disinfectant, the ozone generator is relatively rare in nature, so it can play a useful disinfection and sterilization effect on the deoxyribose in bacteria. The process from killing fungi to disinfection is very simple, and it will not allow bacteria to grow again, avoiding the lack of lethality that allows cells to resurrect and resurrect through the old.

3. Deodorization and purification

The ozone disinfection cabinet not only has many effects on disinfection, but also has a good effect on deodorization and clean smell. Therefore, after the effect of the ozone disinfection cabinet, the residual odor in the bowl is greatly reduced.

4. Comparison of ozone and ultraviolet irradiation sterilization

The traditional disinfection cabinet is sterilized by ultraviolet radiation, while the ozone disinfection cabinet kills the DNA in the cells through the effect of ozone. The difference between the two is that the sterilization ability of the ozone generator can be increased, and the intensity is high enough to avoid the rebirth of bacteria. In the traditional ultraviolet disinfection cabinet, due to the blind spots in the irradiance, a small part of the bacteria cannot be killed, causing a small part of the bacteria to regenerate. Therefore, the ultraviolet disinfection cabinet has a higher odor, which is the smell of the bacteria after the rebirth. .