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Talking about the main points of using ozone generator
- 2020-11-09-

Ozone generators have important functions such as sterilization, decolorization, elimination of odors, and protection of food and drug safety, which can effectively promote production and improve our quality of life. Ozone with a stable source can only be produced through an ozone generator. According to different cooling methods, ozone generators can be divided into many types, and water-cooled ozone generators are one of them. Industrial ozone generators have a large amount of ozone generation, generally large-scale ozone generators, which are mostly cooled by water.

In the process of ozone generation, the ozone generator generates heat, which increases the temperature inside the machine. The higher temperature will decompose ozone, promote the reduction of ozone into oxygen, and reduce the amount of ozone generated. Therefore, in the process of generating ozone, the ozone generator must be cooled to stabilize and increase the amount of ozone generated.

The cooling methods of the ozone generator include air cooling, water cooling, and oil cooling. Industrial ozone generators are mostly large-scale ozone generators, which are often cooled by water cooling. In the process of designing and using industrial ozone generators, relevant rules must be followed to obtain high-yield ozone and ensure the normal operation of the ozone generator. These rules mainly include the following aspects:

1. The gas in the ozone generator must not contain hydrocarbons, corrosive gases and any other substances that can react in the oxygen/ozone/corona environment. These substances will damage the ozone generator and may cause explosions, etc. Security incident.

2. When designing the water-cooled ozone generator, prevent the possibility of a large amount of water entering the generator. If the float valve of the water-sealed air supply compressor or the condensate valve on the air dryer is blocked, everyone will enter the corona room of the ozone generator, which will cause corona concentration, high current density and local dielectric heating. Lead to premature failure of the dielectric.

3. Control the change of air supply pressure. The pressure of the ozone generator will affect the corona power induction and the voltage applied across the dielectric, and a wide range of pressure changes will cause the generator to operate unreliably. If the corona power range is exceeded, the fuse or automatic breaker will be disconnected. If the peak value of the applied voltage is exceeded, it will also cause premature failure of the dielectric.