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How long can I enter the ozone generator after disinfection?
- 2021-01-04-

Now, ozone generators are deeply loved by consumers and are widely used in many occasions. So how long does it take to enter after the ozone generator is disinfected?

Under normal circumstances, after ozone disinfection is completed, it will be reduced to oxygen within half an hour to an hour, so there is no problem entering it after half an hour to an hour. The half-life of ozone starts around 25 minutes, so it takes at least 30 minutes for people to enter;

According to the dosage, if the amount is large, it usually takes about 40 minutes after the completion of the waiting; according to the ozone concentration, but it is generally recommended to enter about 30 minutes after disinfection, and then open the doors and windows for ventilation.

The other is water disinfection (water treatment experiment). At present, ozone disinfection equipment has its own exhaust gas decomposition device, and some are equipped with ozone monitoring systems. Therefore, there is no need to worry that excess residual ozone will cause harm to the human body.

Key points of ozone generator layout:

1. According to the processing requirements, the pump should be as close as possible to the processing equipment.

2. The sewage in the ozone contact tower should be prevented from returning to the ozone generator through the ozone pipeline.

3. There should be drainage channels in the equipment room for air compressor drainage, and heating equipment should be provided in cold areas.

4. The ozone generator contact tower should be installed indoors in cold areas, and the exhaust gas shall be discharged outside through the exhaust pipe after treatment.

5. Sewage ozone sewage treatment station is equipped with air compressor room, ozone generator equipment room and operation room. The air compressor is installed in the air compressor room, and the air compressor should be shock-proof and noise-proof. There is room for equipment maintenance in the ozone generator room.

Ozone generator disinfection does not require any other auxiliary materials and additives. During disinfection, the ozone generator generates ozone. In a relatively sealed environment, the diffusion is uniform, with good tolerance and permeability, which overcomes the sterilization dead angle problem existing in the sterilization of ultraviolet lamps, and achieves the purpose of rapid sterilization and disinfection.