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The physics principle of high concentration ozone water machine
- 2020-08-14-

  High concentration ozone water machineThe main application of the principle of physics, through the pressure swing adsorption oxygen column, directly into the air, separate oxygen and nitrogen at normal temperature and pressure to obtain high purity oxygen; then the corona discharge ozone method, the oxygen is at atmospheric pressure, To generate corona discharge to generate ozone under high-voltage field effect; the concentration of ozone water obtained by mixing water and ozone through a gas-liquid mixing system.

High-concentration ozone water sterilization has no residue. Using ambient air and water as raw materials, the cost of sterilization and disinfection is very low. It is decomposed into oxygen and water after sterilization, so there is no residue during sterilization. Sterilization can be completed in a short time.

High concentration ozone water machine-can disinfect items with ozone water

Ozone is a broad-spectrum high-concentration ozone solution that forms purified water through mixing, efficient and rapid disinfection. Its powerful oxidation can quickly destroy the structure to inactivate biological pathogens and reduce itself to oxygen, while improving the vaginal sterilization environment , Further inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria. The ozone liquid is colorless, and the ozone wastewater after use can be quickly reduced to clean water without causing serious pollution to environmental problems. It is more convenient to use and low in cost.

High-concentration ozone water disinfection is an important product of our company. The device is a stainless steel mixed ozone pump, stainless steel mixing tank, ozone discharge power ozone, the oxygen machine is easy to use when the system is assembled, and the ozone discharge pipe out of the required space For disinfection, air disinfection is done. When the ozone water is used for disinfection, the outlet concentration is higher than 10PPM, and the production size can be adjusted. It is convenient to use and can be operated with a microcomputer control system. Guangzhou Chuanju Ozone Technology Co., Ltd. is meticulous, strives for perfection, and its products are durable and are loved by users.