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The advantages of Quanju's car disinfection machine
- 2020-08-20-

The car disinfection machine has the functions of disinfecting and sterilizing the air in the car and removing odors. It can be used only by plugging in the power supply without any additives. The machine can be set for 5 minutes for disinfection and sterilization. It can remove peculiar smell and purify the air in 5 minutes. It also has a counting function and is very easy to operate. Automobile disinfection machines are currently widely used in various places in the automobile industry such as major automobile beauty chain stores, car washes, automobile 4S shops, and automobile beauty and decoration shops.

The advantages of Quanju's car disinfection machine

1. Microcomputer automatic control panel: touch screen control, click start, the machine automatically starts to run; ozone and negative ions and the countdown function on the panel, we set the complete disinfection machine to automatically close when it is good, people do not need to retain the value; panel Built-in counter, a counter. It is convenient for customers to count and charge.

2. Light imports: warning lights are imported from South Korea. Beautiful and generous, with a countdown function.

3. Double silicone tube: about 4 cm in diameter, silicone tube with corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.

4. Ozone generating unit: It is made of titanium gold dehydrated quartz tube material. Provide protection from open circuit and short circuit, long life. The perfect computer programming time controller and overload and short circuit protection system functions greatly improve the working life and the reliability of sterilization operation. Safety, environmental protection, economy, no secondary pollution.

5. Anion generator: 5000000 uses PCS/M3 anion generator. Deodorizing and removing peculiar smell inside the car, with strong purification technology.

6. Wheel: a lock slip, anti-vibration, high elasticity, etc.

7. The appearance design is more beautiful and generous: digital display, intuitive and concrete image. Weak button start and stop, safe and fast.