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The main purpose of the car sterilizer?
- 2020-08-10-

For car disinfection machine, put the ozone disinfection machine in the place to be disinfected and the central working position, or other positions that are helpful to improve the diffusion of ozone, set the disinfection treatment time, turn on a power control switch and set the microcomputer controller to automatic . If there are fans and air conditioners working at the same time, placing the ozone sterilizer near these facilities is more conducive to the diffusion of ozone and achieves a better disinfection effect.

After long-term use of the car, many bacteria will remain on the roof, seat cover, vents, carpet and other parts of the car, so the car should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Cleaning the interior of the car can't just use a cleaning agent and protective products. Because of the choice of different vehicle parts for each material, different cleaning agents should be used. Most of the decoration shops that do cosmetics in the car will use some alkaline cleaners. Although they have whitening and decontamination effects, they will have certain consequences. The alkaline cleaners will soak the flannel, Leather chair, ceiling.

1. Purify the air in the car, eliminate the smell of smoke, newly decorated peculiar smell and musty smell.

2. Abundant negative ions make the spiritual life happy and can eliminate the fatigue of students learning to drive for a long time.

3. Decomposition of toxic gases such as benzene and carbon dioxide.

4. Eliminate various odors such as amonia (big and urinary).

5. Eliminate various odors such as poor ventilation, dampness, and dirt.

6. Elimination of tuberculosis and cold viruses and other infectious viruses.

Through the research and use of the car disinfection machine produced by Quanju Company, it can completely remove the peculiar smell and the breeding of bacteria. Only through the management of a clean vehicle like ours can it be truly clean and hygienic.