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Application of mobile ozone generator in cosmetics industry and food industry
- 2020-08-25-

The mobile ozone generator control system adopts an automatic CPU timing control system, which can be controlled in multiple periods within one day. For example: 12:00 can be set to start disinfection, 30 minutes and 12:30 disinfection automatically stop, simple use without manual care, power protection system, safe and reliable performance. Today I will introduce the application of mobile ozone generators in the cosmetics industry and the food industry.

1. Cosmetics industry: We can know that cosmetics is an important daily-use chemical and has its own production and sales in the global development. Its cosmetic applicators, sprays, etc., are scattered on the surface of the body, such as skin, hair, nails, lips and teeth, in order to clean, maintain, beautify, modify and change the appearance or correct body odor, in good condition.

In order to improve the quality of cosmetics information security education in my country, cosmetics companies can install ozone generators in their main development workshops. When workers turn on the equipment after get off work, they can effectively kill bacteria in the production workshops and control the risk of cosmetic contamination in time. Its advantages are fast, efficient, no residue, no secondary pollution, after sterilization, it will quickly decompose into oxygen atoms, and then combine into oxygen.

2. Food industry: In order to ensure food safety, food companies buy ozone generators, look at the manufacturers of licensed ozone generators, sanitary approvals for disinfection products.

Food safety production technology is one of the main user issues of ozone generators. Numerous food companies across the country are using ozone generators. According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, the disinfection ozone generator is a legal production of ozone generator products, and disinfection products must apply for a sanitary approval, of which the sanitary approval is a production qualification. Food safety production technology Before manufacturing an ozone generator for a certain equipment, it should examine the production development capacity and production and living conditions of the equipment management, and check whether the culture has the production qualification of the ozone generator, so as to buy genuine disinfection equipment.

The advantages of mobile ozone generators used in the food industry are:

1. The equipment has high stability and long service life, and its cost performance is better than other manufacturers on the market.

2. The amount of ozone is large, the sterilization effect is good, and there is no need to install, the use is simple, and the plug-in can be used.

3. In the built-in dual CPU control system, self-switching, self-safety management, and remote operation can be used safely.

4. There are a variety of product models and prices, which are suitable for their different food production needs. Even small food companies can use ozone generators with significant sterilization effects and good food quality.